Catching Up To The Past

by Jesus The Dinosaur

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for anyone feeling alone in a mutiny of mind/heart/home.

ALL PROCEEDS go to Egan's Team for the 5/20/17 CF walk in ATL.


released May 6, 2017

all songs written 2010-2012 (except "All I Saw")

Tracks 1-5:
Recorded August 13th-27th 2016 at Panic Productions in Sydney, Australia
All songs written, produced, and played by Tommy Ng
Additional percussion on “Coal” played by Jonno Panichi
Co-production on “Coal” by Russell Finch
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Russell Finch

Track 6:
Recorded 2015 at The Record Co. in Boston, MA
Lyrics, Vocal, and Guitar by Tommy Ng
Drum by Jamie Rowe
Cello by Brad Robertson
Engineered by Will Palmeri, Brad Robertson, and Jamie Rowe
Mixed and produced by Jamie Rowe

Cover art by Nat Emerson (@vuntagebee on Instagram)

Special thanks to the Panichi family for housing me during the two weeks of recording: Paul for lending me use of your Panic Room, Kathy for the home-cooked vegetarian dinners, Jonno and Kit for early morning couch riffs and late night gaming, and the whole fam for your support and for listening in. Russell, thanks for sticking with me through the long days.

Thanks to Erica, Luke, Josh, Christian, Egan, Meg, Cullen, Alishan, Parker, Ben, Nat, Izaak and Chris for their ears and input in the early stages of these songs at lunch breaks and after school, and to Thrower Starr for letting me borrow his guitar to work on them.

Thanks to Austin and Sam for their early contributions to “Lights”, and to everyone who came to a Moondogs show.

Thanks to the Dingo family for their loving support of my non-dingo songs.

Thanks mom, dad, and Carly for your encouragement, advice, and constant belief in me.

JTD listens to ‘Emotionalism’ by The Avett Brothers, Chadwick Stokes, Neutral Milk Hotel, and watches Wes Anderson films.

JTD uses Ernie Ball 2003 Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Alloy Medium-Light strings, which sound great when they're dead, too.



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Jesus The Dinosaur Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Completely Unsure
I'm a defiant man and self-assured
defiance is just self-assured
I'm half crazy maybe I'm not sure
so when it comes to you and me
or, for that matter, anything
reality is bound to change
so maybe I'm not sure

everyday I see her walking by
I used to shout and curse the sky
nowadays I could care less
and I don't picture her undressed
maybe this is the last test

I am so happy to be alone
I would see you but you're not home
hear you two are doing pretty good
and it's ok
it's getting awful stale anyway
and for the first time I feel sorry for you
cuz I am in bloom

you'll go down your slippery road and I will go down mine
you can just do what you want
cuz I'm gonna be just fine
love is not something that you should have to bear
and if you try to get me down, you won't

I wish you all the luck in the world
and I hope you find what you need
and wherever that may lead
oh maybe we will..

I am so happy to be alone
I would see you but you're not home
love like that don't last so long
just like a couple of shots and you're done
don't let it get you down for the first time

for the first time I'm not alone and without you.
Track Name: Mutiny
feels like my world's ripping apart
I am blind and in the dark
harpies tearing out my chest with their hooks
my only company are those in books

somebody tell me what to say
I'm alive, but I'm ok
can't tell if I should listen to my brain
concerning puzzles laced with insane

and I thought once we were on an island
but now I see only bridges in between

mutiny take over and mutiny again
I thought I saw a light and that it wasn't at the end
oh I believe in the things I swore to never try again
mutiny take over and mutiny again

as time goes on I'm always older
when you catch up I'll have left you colder
we switch roles between thief and widow
and i believe that this whole show will end when everybody's dead

Track Name: Lights
we're in the city of lights, but nothing's on
we got permission to fly, but we're not grown
we're gliding by like ice
and sometimes i worry

dark and cold are together
if i could change your mind maybe it'd change the weather
we're only passing by
the lights are slipping by

we're gliding by like ice
and sometimes i worry
and sometimes i don't care to mind

i think i'm stranded but i can't check
the one towards the sun is blinding
the one towards the sea is calling

and sometimes you're calling
and sometimes i don't care to mind

come back
get back to the place where we were born into the light
whatever helps you sleep at night

turn down the knob on the dashboard radio
the light is bright, but as far as i know
your voice is all i hear
your voice is all i want to hear.
Track Name: Ten
got ten fingers
got ten toes
got more than ten reasons not to let you go
oh i know, houses aren't what they used to be
outlines of where we used to sleep
breath in the cold holds it's form longer now than bricks in a line

this is home now
welcome welcome

i only need one reason now
clear as the sun when you're around
when the eclipse in the sea and the sand dunes meet
Track Name: Coal
every song i write is the same
i'm an honest man who makes his own pain
trying so hard to tell everyone how i feel and explain
pavement, madness, and you
trying to understand
and by god i wish that you could
i figured out that nobody stops loving who they loved

you caught desire and i caught the flu
drowns in my eyes
the coal piling up and i never knew
it wasn't enough
but who can blame a girl for jumping off a sinking ship?
if you were drowning who forged the news?

words don't say enough
i want you to see this too
i'm begging of you
i tell it to go
i tell it to spread it's colors
i point but i don't know its name
trying to let this go
you can't change what you don't control
i figured out that nobody will ever know me

(the light that's burning away makes me feel so alone
i've been here so long, so does that make it home?
the darkness makes me wonder how much left there is to give to you)

love is the only way to heal it's own break-in/until i learn to stop and end this agony i asked for
turn out the lights
i'm coming home

da da da da
doesn't matter
it's all the same
say what you mean
and take breaths in between

don't have to be my enemy
don't be my enemy
or my one and only, lonely.
Track Name: All I Saw
you were all i saw in the end
i did not see my mother
and i did not see my friends
you were all i saw in the end

you were all i sang in the end
i did not sing my brothers
and i did not sing amen
you were all i sang in the end

i stepped into the night
and the light fell quietly
turning me to shadow on the wall
i didn't know a thing
i was the only domino
as i fell your echoes drowned the curtain call

you were all i saw in the morning
i saw your gaze of embrace
and i saw your cheeks' sunrise
reborn every day in your love.